Come Join Us

Call for Local Artists! We are thrilled to be able to have a portion of the cafe space dedicated to a rotating art gallery space from local artists. If you are interested in becoming one of our artists, please send an email to

Call for Local Artisanal Chefs and Bakers! Do you have some awesome, healthy, small batch cookie or pastry that you'd like to sell? Or perhaps you'd be up for making some of our house-made dressings, broths, or sprouts as part of your cottage industry catering company? If you want to get involved in supplying us with some of our healthy, organic medicinal food that we won't be making on-site, please send an email to with information about who you are and what your "products" are or would like to be!

Call for Local Herbalists! Wanna sell your high integrity herbal line of something fabulous as part of our small, but potent retail space? Send an email to with some info about who you are, what products you'd like to sell, and where (if anywhere) you currently sell them.


Want to Get Involved?

Fill out our online form HERE and let us know how you want to collaborate!