Our Mission and Values

We practice business that has people and plants at the center. We provide friendly and inclusive service, authentic communication and educational ordering. The Well is run holacratically and we believe in collaborative, democratic, human potential based models for running our business. We support the leadership of all staff, partners and collaborators. 

We source our produce, dairy and meat from local farms and school/youth garden programs following sustainable agriculture principles. Our herbs and teas are sustainably harvested, fair trade, and/or wildcrafted. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

We engage ourselves and our local community in conversations about health and wellness, alternative healing, social justice, gentrification, sustainable food production.

We build up and support the unbelievable talent, wisdom, and skills of local artisinal chefs, bakers, herbalists, and artists through our rotating featured chef menu item, pop-up dinners, herbal preparations, locally made desserts and snacks, our retail space, and gallery. 

Healing – Justice – Sustainability – Community - Creativity